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Welcome to BeachVolleyballGuides! If you have accessed our website you certainly are interested in Beach Volleyball and want to improve in this sphere. It is our job at BeachVolleyballGuides to provide you with the best instructionals on how to improve at Beach Volleyball. We work with the best athletes in the field to bring you the most valuable content which will allow you to take your game to the next level! This store was inspired by the beauty of Beach Volleyball itself and the overall lack of reliable and educational knowledge about it.
Before, you would have to simply gain your knowledge from either your academy or rather weak informational videos. Well not anymore! Now you have access to information that the professional Beach Volleyball athletes use to elevate their game. So join us and elevate your game! 
We want to thank people like the McKibbin brothers, who share a similar vision and are one of the few people in this sport that create invaluable and high-qiality educational content for the world!
This project was created by Gleb Kolyada, a Beach Volleyball player with over 6 years of playing experience and the #1 player in Latvia in the U17 category with the assistance of other professional Beach Volleyball players like Edgars Točs himself.
I created this project in hopes of promoting the sport and inspiring others to learn more about Beach Volleyball. I have been intrigued by the intricacies of the sport and simultaneously surprised by the apparent lack of available knowledge online. To help aspiring athletes elevate their game, I created this platform to unify the best athletes across the sport and offer them an opportunity to share their accumulated knowledge from years of experience and help others grow. With time, we hope to become a global brand representing Beach Volleyball and helping the sport grow! 


High-Quality Guarantee: We at BeachVolleyballGuides strive to provide you the products of highest quality, if you find that a product does not fit any of your standards, please contact us and we will  resolve this issue by providing you a full refund! We want you to enjoy the benefits of the best education and it is our job to provide that for you. 

30 Day Return-and-Refund Guarantee: If for any reason you find the products not as good as promised, feel encouraged to take advantage of our return and refund guarantee. If you wish to read more about it click here!

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