Size, Cost and Pressure of a Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball Silhouette

In 2002, the official governing body of Beach Volleyball, the FIVB, implemented a rule that differentiated Beach Volleyball from its indoor counterpart. With this rule, the size of both the volleyball court and the ball itself was changed. 

The official Beach Volleyball has a circumference of 66-68 centimeters, a weight of 260-280 grams, and an inside pressure of 0.175-0.225 kg/cm2.

The volleyball is made out of water-resistant material to prevent the sweat from negatively impacting it and ruining the mood of the players. 

What is the official Beach Volleyball?

The volleyball that is used in the official, international Beach Volleyball FIVB competitions is the Mikasa VLS300. It is considered to be the father of volleyballs and most people condemn any other ball for the sport. As Mikasa describes it, the ball provides “improved controls when passing and hitting” has “easy recognition” and is made out of a “soft composite cover” which improves its water resistance. This model of the ball is viewed as the best Beach Volleyball. 

The Mikasa VLS300 Official Beach Volleyball

The price of the VLS300 as stated on the Official Mikasa Website is $74.99. 

For a ball, it is quite expensive, but in our opinion, the price is entirely worth the recognition that you own the official volleyball.

The AVP Volleyball Ball

Despite the Mikasa ball being considered the official ball, in the United States, The Association of Volleyball Professionals, or the AVP, uses a different ball. 

The official AVP Beach Volleyball

The Ball that is being used in their competition is the less attractive brother of the Mikasa ball. 

The AVP Game Volleyball, made by the sporting company, Wilson, “offers premium graphics for better spin detection, as well as a microfiber leather cover that provides superior touch and feel.” 

The price of The AVP Game Volleyball is currently $38.99, which is almost two times as cheap as the Mikasa version. 

Comparison of Specs of Different Volleyball Volleyballs


The AVP Game Volleyball

The VLS300







Used In

The United States



Premium Microfiber Leather

Soft premium leather

Inside Pressure

0.175-0.225 kg/cm2

0.175-0.225 kg/cm2


260-280 grams

260-280 grams


66-68 centimeters

66-68 centimeters

The conclusion for us is that we are internationally biased and would recommend the Mikasa VLS 300 ball despite its higher price point!

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