One overlooked Beach Volleyball blocking tip to help you score more points

Beach Volleyball Blocking Tip Cover


As Beach Volleyball players, we exert ourselves consistently and train unbelievably hard. We want to get better and better. But often, we tend to neglect a huge part of training: game analysis and improvement of in-depth understanding of the sport. There are always little factors that we tend to overlook but that can have a major impact on the number of points you score in a set. 

Today, we will discuss one such factor that will help you outplay your competition. This is a Psychological trick that many advanced players use subconsciously but tend to not think about. It revolves around the "Pulling from blockhand signal of volleyball strategy. 

As a blocker, there are dozens of factors that you must consider to become successful and catch your opponents off guard. One such thing is the ability to get into your opponent's head. 


So... Here is the tip

Here is the tendency that we noticed from years of personal experience and an analysis of professional games: 

When blocking you will often encounter a rally where you manage to block the ball but your opponents manage to pick it up again. When this is the case, your opponents will be inclined to roll the ball over the second time. This happens because they will try to avoid being blocked a second time, or a block pick-up, negatively impacts their approach. 

Therefore, to capitalize on that, if you have blocked your opponent once in a single rally, you should be ready to pull from the block and dig the ball yourself!

Examples From Professional Games

Here you can see this occurring in professional games. However, you have to remember that on the professional level, the rallies tend to be rather short and end in either one spike or one block. In amateur tournaments, you will see this tendency drastically more often! 

Why does is this the case you might ask?

It is rather simple, there are two factors that will lead the attacker to do that.

Firstly, if you have been blocked once in a rally, you start fearing that the odds of you getting blocked again are higher and you will try to avoid being blocked twice consecutively. Hence, you will be more inclined to attempt to outplay the blocker through more technical means.

Secondly, covering a block often results in a shorter and worse approach of the attacker. And if a player cannot approach decently, obviously, it will be more difficult for him to spike. 

Unfortunately, if the blocker is indeed experienced, then, he will exploit your Psychological weakness and trick you into rolling the ball directly into his hands. 

And look, we are not saying that this is always the case. There are of course players with incredible mental fortitude that will attempt to get through your block repeatedly and will lack the fear of being blocked.

However, more often than not, and especially in amateur levels, the players tend to fall for this trick and we have had plenty of success with it in the past!

In the next training, use this trick and let us know if it has worked or not!


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