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Beach Volleyball - Full Beginner’s Guide

In Beach Volleyball, the attacks can be split into two separate categories, either spikes or shots. A spike is what Volleyball is known for. It is your ability to hit the ball hard with a downward, and hopefully undefendable trajectory. A shot, on the other hand, is a more tactical type of attack. 

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The AVP and Everything About It

The AVP or the Association of Volleyball Professionals, is the United States titan of professional Beach Volleyball tours. The organization was founded in 1983 and is currently based in Newport Beach, California. The AVP is an inclusive tour and organizes competitions for athletes of three separate categories.

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Understanding Hand Signals of Volleyball

Because the Beach Volleyball teammates are co-dependent, they must be able to communicate their ideas without giving out the information to their opponents. Not only that, but they must also be able to divide the 64 meters of their court-side between themselves systematically. To do that, they rely on Beach Volleyball hand signals which indicate what part of the court the blocker is going to close. 

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