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One overlooked Beach Volleyball blocking tip to help you score more points

Today, we will discuss one such factor that will help you outplay your competition. This is a Psychological trick that many advanced players do subconsciously but tend to not think about regularly. It revolves around the "Pulling from block” hand signal of volleyball strategy.  As a blocker, there are dozens of factors that you must consider to become successful and catch your opponents off guard. One such thing is the ability to get into the head of your opponent. 

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Top Two Most Used Hand Signals of Beach Volleyball

If you are a Beach Volleyball player or simply an enthusiast who enjoys watching the sport, then you surely must have noticed the hand signals that Beach Volleyball athletes use to decide on their strategies.  The primary reason for these Beach volleyball hand signals is to communicate with your partner which part of the court the blocker is going to close. There is a variety of such hand signals and these include: 

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Beach Volleyball - Full Beginner’s Guide

In Beach Volleyball, the attacks can be split into two separate categories, either spikes or shots. A spike is what Volleyball is known for. It is your ability to hit the ball hard with a downward, and hopefully undefendable trajectory. A shot, on the other hand, is a more tactical type of attack. 

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The AVP and Everything About It

The AVP or the Association of Volleyball Professionals, is the United States titan of professional Beach Volleyball tours. The organization was founded in 1983 and is currently based in Newport Beach, California. The AVP is an inclusive tour and organizes competitions for athletes of three separate categories.

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